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#1 Tip for Speed Success With ANY Bass Drum Technique

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You as a drummer are only as good as your feet (technically speaking, at least). You could be a drum corps marching band extraordinaire and blaze through every hybrid rudiment ever conjured up, but if your right foot can’t play in time….where does that leave you on drumset?
If you’re struggling to play fast on the bass drum…Or you’re able to play fast - but not clean and loud - today’s solution is for you. The best thing about this is that it works for any kind of foot technique, whether you’re heel-up or heel-down.
Here’s what we’re covering in today’s video!
* How to adjust your pedal for maximum speed & power
* How to get rid of bass drum “flutter” where the beater buzzes on the head
* A simple exercise to put everything into practice to solidify and strengthen your right foot
* BONUS: Discover your pedal’s “natural tempo,” which allows you to achieve near-perfect time with very little effort

Download the exercise notation right here:

Check out this recent video where we talk about your bass drum pedal's "natural tempo"...

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