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110 BPM Drum Track Rock Groove Drum Beat Bass Guitar Backing #374

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110 BPM Drum Track Rock Groove Drum Beat Bass Guitar Backing #374
This funk rock groove Drum Track has a solid feel and has some nice fills, in 4/4 time has an, intro, verse and chorus. Funky drum track is a quality instrumental drum beat is in full song style format with a click metronome, intro, verse, chorus, and ending. This quality drum track to play bass guitar to, drum tracks for guitar, as basic simple drum beats to create your own musical projects or need instrumental drums only. Drum beat is 4:14 minutes long, rock groove and 110 beats per minute.

Drum Track Properties:
Tap - Intro - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus - Verse - Chorus(2) - End

Mp3 Drum Beats- https://www.guitarmaps.com/DrumTracks.html
~~Download Over 300 Tracks in One File- https://drumtracksdownload.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7nRrCY8ZdAngbyDFJ8TDym

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Great Deal!! On my Bandcamp page you can download The Complete Album. Includes all current drum tracks as well as Bandcamp Exclusives.

My Bandcamp page offers the best sound quality on all the tracks in my collection. You can download the drum beats in several high quality formats., WAV, FLAC, MP3 https://drumtracksdownload.bandcamp.com/

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Website- https://www.guitarmaps.com/DrumTracks.html
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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7nRrCY8ZdAngbyDFJ8TDym

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© Copyright and Licensing

All my drum tracks are my original published creations and all copyright, intellectual property rights and licensing belong to Jay Marshall on behalf of Guitar Maps Drum Tracks. All the tracks in this album are registered and published works within the ISRC system. These tracks are for personal, private non-commercial use and not to be used in any other way without direct permission.

You can use my drum tracks in videos on YouTube, all I ask is:

• You download a legal copy of the track from my Bandcamp page
• Add "Drum Tracks provided by Guitar Maps Drum Tracks" in the description
• Add a link to my video/channel in your video description on YouTube.

For commercial use or licensing, contact me direct.

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