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Behind the scenes "Majapahead road to glory"

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"This Song"

We dedicate "this song" to anyone who is going through anxiety.

Hope it helps

•This song •

Aren’t you blind don’t see eye to eye,
You deny don’t know what is like,
Did i try not so hard enough,
Did i cry to send you above,
Would i know to feel what is like,
Can i know to be what is right...

.....like i told you before,
Just turn around and you’re the ‘wrong’,
You stutter cus you’re a joke,
So please go and eat some more,
Eat your shit...

Been talking to my self,
The music is my shell,
A good good, goodnight,
Don’t talk to me Don’t tell me why,
..Sometimes i am restless,
Fade away and be reckless,

Oh i try....

Theres a point,
Why it had to be like this,
Disappoint yeah,
That explains all this shit,
Even music goes.
Even music goes.

Take a time to bring down a notch,
Oh did i stutter to make a fool of yourself,
Hey thats right i think you were right,
Think this think that don’t go troubling yourself,

Ok then..
Whats on your..
Mind . . .

Been bitter to myself,
Try to please everyone else,
No one cares
Don’t don’t don’t give up hear me now,
All the times i am restless,
Feel the burn.. Breathless,

God i cry

Now i know,
The Trigger made me feel like this,
Had I don’t,
Troubled mind starts to kick in,
Here’s the thing, be a fam and let me in,
Dont deny Don’t deny Don’t deny Don’t deny,
One more time,
You could end up looking shit,
One more rhyme,
This music can make you understand,

Till.. The.. End....

• The End •

Vocal : Bear
Guitar : Yuki
Guitar : DJ
Bass : Amon
Drum : Dil

Credit(s) :

Pic : Aqqibmaula


Audio Recording :
Mixed and Mastered by Kasya Ali at Fugmatic Studio, Ampang.


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