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Char - Make Me Smile (Live Session) // Compass Box Music

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Recorded live in one take.
'Char' is a group of musicians from Ahmedabad. Their ages, musical backgrounds, personalities, and now hometowns are wildly different, but they did somehow come together to make this song. The group consists of Marc Damania, Sreenath Srinivasan, Shankar Iyer, and Meera Desai. 'Make Me Smile' was a song that Shankar and Meera composed as a simple duet, which then grew to a larger creature once brought to Sreenath and Marc, who arranged the song for full band. After creating many iterations of the song, they decided on one, got the chance to present it in this Compass Box Session and hoped to play together again soon. Until then, each of them is playing in their own projects!

Meera Desai - Vocals
Shankar Iyer - Guitar
Marc Damania - Bass
Sreenath Sreenivasan - Drums
Compass Box Live Sessions is produced by Raag Sethi, if you would like to be featured to play your original music, email us at compassboxmusic@gmail.com

Shot by: Alistair D'Souza
Edited by: Raag Sethi
Mixed by: Protyay Chakraborty
Produced by Compass Box Studio
Engineered by: Raag Sethi & Shankar Iyer
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FB: https://www.facebook.com/compassboxstudio
INSTA: https://instagram.com/compassboxstudio
For gear peepz:

- Focusrite Saffire PRO 40
- Octapre MKII

- Warm Audio WA-47jr (vocals)
- Audix DP7 (drums)
- Shure SM57 (Guitar)

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