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Diagnosing Common Snare Drum Problems | Season Two, Episode 25

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We receive more than a few inquiries every day about how to overcome problems being experienced with tuning snare drums. While we can’t always get to all of them, we assembled this episode to help. Barring any flaws in the equipment itself, there are several causes that have emerged as the most common for snare headache based on what we’ve encountered.

Are there a multitude of other causes? Absolutely! Can we cover them all in one episode? Not a chance. Do we have time to address the issues that every single person comes to us with? Unfortunately, no. But we do have a private message board via our Patreon and would be more than happy to address topics there.

Demo 1: 2:53
Demo 2: 5:46
Demo 3: 7:22

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Signal chain:
Mics - Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB & OctoPre - MacBook Pro w/Pro Tools 12
Recorded at 48kHz / 24bit
Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB https://tinyurl.com/Clarett8Pre
Focusrite Clarett OctoPre https://tinyurl.com/ClarettOctoPro
Bass drum demos done with AKG C414 (ear-distance) + AKG D112 (at mic port).
Additional microphones demo’d for comparison and available for listening via Patreon.
Drums: Pearl Masters Custom Extra Maple

Snare Batter: Evans G12 Coated https://tinyurl.com/EvansG12coated
Snare Reso: Evans Snare Side 300 https://tinyurl.com/EvansSnareSide300

Hosted by: Cody Rahn
Production: Ben O'Brien Smith @ Cadence Independent Media
Presenting Sponsor: Promark by D’Addario
Production Partners: Focusrite, Evans Drumheads
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