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Drum Book "Stick to the groove vol.1" - 12. 8th-note grooves 03

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Stick to the groove vol.1:
Essential Exercises for Building Technique & Musicality Around the Drumset

BE the drummer you ADMIRE with only one 15-minute practice session a day, which I promise YOU WILL enjoy!

Get the new drum book “Stick to the groove vol.1” for less than a pair of sticks and start booking your very first gig NOW!

✓ Includes MORE THAN 800 hand-picked grooves, fill ideas and accented phrases which cover a wide variety of musical genres
✓ IDEAL for beginners and intermediates
✓ IMPROVE your technique right away
✓ EXPAND your musical vocabulary
✓ GAIN a deeper understanding of the drummer’s role in a band
✓ HAVE FUN learning new skills
✓ APPLY INSTANTLY your new skills by PLAYING ALONG to your favorite songs
✓ It’s NEVER TOO EARLY NOR TOO LATE to be the DRUMMER you always looked up to
✓ BUY NOW and get free access to play-along videos for each and every exercise in the book

▪ If you are not happy with the results within a 10-week period, I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE to give you as many live private video lessons you need to explain & demonstrate the material of the book to you FOR FREE (of what would normally be at a cost of $25 per lesson).


Buy as Paperback:

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Yours truly,
Theo Christodoulou

P.S.: This is a LIMITED-TIME OFFER, so place your order NOW!.

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