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Jean Paul Rena Band - Hoochie Coochie Man - live 2016 - Bluesmoose Radio

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Jean Paul Rena & Band live at Bluesmoose radio - dec-7-2016.
Song: Willie Dixon's 'Hoochie Coochie Man'.
Arranged by: Jean Paul Rena
From Jean Paul Rena's album "Can't be satisfied" on Corazong records 2006

A great night with great people and help. We even did one or two songs with our Portuguese friend Fast Eddie Nelson who happened to stay over in Holland that winter.
Anyway, we all had a blast.

This one and some more were recorded on 16 track (we didn't use them all ofcourse) and mixed afterwards. However, Bluesmoose themselves smashed a few immediately and 'raw & uncut' on their channel. These might be different in sound but ....still same energy.

Jean Paul Rena is also available on I-tunes, Spotify and more.
See Facebook and Instagram for additional information.
Also see: http://www.jprena.com

published by Dragao Music (NL) 2019

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