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Lavender - Once Again (feat. Synthis) [Liquid Drum & Bass]

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Lavender's drum & bass production has always been incredibly impressive, and we're happy to showcase that on the channel here with her track from Ignite. Featuring the soft and smooth vocals of Synthis that mesh perfectly with the instrumentation, everything about the track flows wonderfully from section to section with plenty of beautiful atmospherics. We hope you enjoy it, and make sure to send them both some love!

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The racing waves
A shore so empty
Once again

When colors fade
And sadness fills me
Once again

I know it's all in my head
The rain will fall once again
I'll hold my tears when I think of you
I know you don't feel the way I do

I'm on my way
To paradise
Once again

I know you'll stay
Here in the light
Once again

I know it's all in my head
The rain has cleared once again
My skies so gray and you turned them blue
And I know I've done the same for you

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