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Liquid Drum and Bass Mix ||| L O V E

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Music to relax and daydream - this Liquid Drum and Bass mix features tracks from Monrroe, Bcee, Kaiza, Seba, Calibre, Majestim, Degs & many more.

I recorded this mix thinking about all my friends and loved ones that I can't see right now due to covid-19. I miss you!!! Special shoutout to my Belgium Crew - YOU DA BEST!

What I learned from this situation is that the most important thing for me is to be with people and to enjoy ourselves together! And trough Drum and Bass I feel most connected - even if it's from a distance at the moment.

Love love love ♡

00:00 Dotiks - Revival
02:20 Speed Limits & Jaco - Palm Of Your Hand feat. Joni Fatora (Ownglow Remix)
05:30 Monrroe - Disparate Lives
08:55 Bcee - Hand on my Heart
12:40 Kaiza, Rune & Fullmetal - Crossroads
15:30 Kirsty Hawkshaw - Face To Face Again (The Joy) [Seba Remix]
20:30 Majestim - Like You Used To
24:10 Edlan & Smote - The Way Of Time (ft. Bazil MC)
28:20 Degs - Head trip (feat. Phil:osophy)
32:10 T.R.A.C. - Blue (ft. Calibre)
36:00 Bop x Unquote - Drifting Away
39:50 Askel, Elere - Don't Mind
42:40 Enei - Runnin (Feat. Georgia Yates)
46:45 Dezza - Apparition (Monrroe Remix)
50:50 Nelver - What It Is
54:20 De:Tune - Hard Lessons feat. Degs

Photo by Huyen Nguyen on Unsplash

Drum and Bass - my forever love!

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