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Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 2021 #45

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Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 2021 #45 [June 2021] featuring eaturing : Silence Groove, Melinki, Farflow, CRSV & TS, Smote, Stimpy, Dan Guidance, External Subway, SMP, Luciano , Elix and much much more. mixed by Dreazz. [Fokuz Recordings]


0:00 CRSV & TS - Dreams
2:40 Melinki - Wher Do We Go From Here
4:29 Farflow - When Ever
7:12 Melinki - Let's Go
8:02 Seathasky - Distant
12:30 Seathasky & Geety -Don't Give Up
14:57 Luciano - In The Woods
16:28 Mystific - The New Order
18:18 Cyber Posix and Valiant Emcee - Jasmine (Feat. flowanastasia ) (Diligent Fingers Remix)
23:06 Citra - Computer Lights
25:23 CRSV & TS - Left Aside
27:04 Silence Groove - Kites
31:44 Smote ft Aleya Mae - I Feel Alive
35:20 Vibez 93008 - Fall Down
38:21 Stimpy - This is Tony
40:46 Elixr - Make My World
42:25 Stimpy - Breakdown Service
44:22 Dan Guidance & Fishyt - Open Ocean
46:55 Betterror & Bios - Cosmic Brush
48:37 External Subway - Would You
50:48 Stimpy - Three Words.
53:10 Exult & SMP - Prince Of Persia
56:01 Melinki & Hadley - Someone Who Makes Me Smile Again
1:00:39 IYRE - The Way You Love


A deep liquid Drum and Bass mix by Dreazz showcasing all the new signings for Fokuz Recordings. Deep liquid D&B Mix 2020 #45 June 2021 Fokuz Recordings mix.

All tracks are released through Fokuz Recordings Celsius and Influenza Music.

This is the official Youtube Music Channel for Fokuz Recordings Celsius Recordings and Influenza Media. Dreazz Label Boss for Fokuz Recordings selects the most funky chilled out soulful and deep liquid drum & bass / DnB / D&B from all around the world and releases these tunes on these 3 Labels. This monthly 60 minute Liquid dnb mix is a showcase of all the music that is going to be released in 2020.

Dreazz has been an active member in the Dutch drum & bass scene for over two decades. Besides running multiple labels he’s owner of Triple Vision Record Distribution an independent drum & bass distributor located in the center of Rotterdam. Dreazz’ style can be described as all-embracing the liquid sound of Drum & Bass working his way around the full spectrum searching and expanding the boundries of what liquid drum and bass can be.

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