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Making A Drake Type Beat in Fl Studio

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Making a Drake type beat:

So in this video I'm making making a Drake type beat from scratch. Thought I'd give an insight into the process on how to make a drake type beat. Apologies for any bad quality audio, I'll be investing in a proper mic and camera once I got some dollar dollar bills to spend. The plan is to upload 2 videos a week showing my process, hopefully answering any questions along the way! Let's see how this goes...

The Process

0:44 - Keys: Chord progression using 7th and 9th chords (These types of chords are essential in making a drake type beat)

1:22 - Mixing the keys: Added an EQ and took out the low frequencies. Added a chorus to widen the sound, added a delay and some reverb to create some more ambience

3:08 - Bouncing the midi to a WAV file to save on CPU

4:45 - Adding a synth bass with some high end/distortion

6:12 - EQ the bass, boosting the distortion frequency

7:04 - Lead synth melody. There is a nice release on this sytnh, gives it some texture and rhythm. Creates a nice Drake type feel to it!

9:15 - Mixing the lead synth with some EQ. Cutting the lows and reducing some of the high frequencies. Added a chorus also

10:45 - Adding the drums

13:17 - Chopping the Hi Hats

14:09 - Finished product! Enjoy

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