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NuDivision - Take Me There Feat. L.E.E

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NuDivision brings his next instalment of liquid drum n bass to Sub-Label Recordings Yellow with the Sunshine Through Clouds release.

Opening with 'Feeling it', an upbeat track with a strong liquid aesthetic supported by a strong, hard hitting baseline. Layered with arps, strings and guitar parts, the vocals by Sophie-Marie really stand out in the tracks.

'Lifeline' is a punchy liquid track which incorporates strong melodic piano parts throughout the track. The vocals are sung by Chaela, and are about a couple who have fallen apart. The melodic backing compliments the vocals to help the track transform into a dream like sound.

The title track, 'Sunshine through Clouds', is a melodic and calming composition. The light drums over the intro with gentle piano parts build with vocals from Barbera Kiss, which layer the track into the drop. Everything within the drop is very measured and minimal, to leave the track atmospheric and dreamy.

'Take me there' is the perfect mix of a rolling liquid track, layered with punchy drums, bass lines and vocals which bring upbeat vibes into the drop of the track. The vocals by L.E.E along with the female vocals again bring a bit of contrast to the track.

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