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Persona 5 Royal - "Take Over" (Full Cover) | damusicmahn

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Ayyyyy... another P5R cover with my vocals on it! This one was a little tougher to sing as it's a little higher in at the top end of my range, and don't get me started on the ending cadenza; Lyn hit some notes out of my own range that I gave up and did my own cadenza (...don't flame me too hard for it). Other than the Mike Portnoy-inspired drum intro and the ripping guitar solo, not much really changed for this cover.

Enjoy this fine cover :D

Fanarts Used:
- Main Art = [reddit] u/Eikdos, u/jinglejak

Tunings Used:
- Guitars = Drop C
- Bass = G C G C F

Learn more about the gear I use here: https://damusicmahn.wordpress.com/gear/

#persona5royal #takeover #cover

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