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Podcast: Ain't Got No Time Rock & Blues Band

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In this episode we meet up with Dave Manoucheri once again, this time with his guys — the Ain’t Got No Time Blues & Rock Band. Like most musicians they all have full time day jobs, so finding the time to rehearse, gig, write and record is a near-impossible task. But they do, and did for Sharkey’s Treehouse.

Dave was in the house back in April of 2019. He gave us an acoustic performance of an album he was working on called “When the Giants Fell.” That record dropped in December 2019 and his band joined him in the house to talk about it, and perform many of the tracks from it. Those songs reveal the personal journey Dave took from the devastating moment his beloved wife Andrea died unexpectedly, all the way through the trials and tribulations of suddenly having to raise his four children by himself, through the various stages of grief, to the emergence from the cold darkness to the warm light of a hopeful new chapter in their lives. This album takes you through it all.

This episode is jam packed full of tracks, mostly written by Dave but with a few tracks contributed by two other band members, Matt Retz on guitar, and Robert Sabino on keyboards.
The Rink Studios/Sharkey’s Treehouse 11/30/2019

Join us in the journey.

Band Members
Robert Sabino - Keys & Vocals
Matt Retz - Guitar & Vocals
David Manoucheri - Guitar, Slide Guitar & Vocals
Eric Rosander - Bass & vocals
Kevin Mooney - Drums
Benjamin Retz - Percussion

Podcast Set List

How Much More
If the Truth Be Known
When the Morning Comes
Back to School
Just Your Job to Love
Barefoot in the Rain
Chasing Shadows
Have Another Drink
Original Sin

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