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Pygmy Twylyte (Zappa Tribute, Scotland) live at Eden Court, Inverness, October 2018 (Full Concert)

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Instead of leaving this show lurking on a hard drive, we edited this together as another lockdown treat for you to enjoy since we can’t get out and play live for the time being.

If you want to hear absolutely everything from this show, you can get your hands on an audience recording of the full gig over at Zappateers (recorded by Ob). The audio for this was a stereo mix out of the desk mixed with the audio recorded on our trusty Zoom Q8 camera. Final audio mix and video editing by Steven Adamson in his hoose (while drinking his body weight in tea).

The "rocking teenage combo" known as Pygmy Twylyte are:

Jim Macdonald - Vocals & Percussion
Chris Shaw - Guitars & Vocals
Euan McPherson - Drums
Steven Adamson - Bass
James Steele - Tenor Sax
Paddy Hare - Alto Sax
Ben Tyson - Keyboards

"Music is the best!" - FZ

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pygmytwylytezappatribute
Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/pygmytwylyteuk

#musicisthebest #zappa #cranksomefrank #fz80 #pygmytwylyte

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