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Spinnin' Sounds - Pop/Dance Sample Pack

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Returning with another killer collaborative Splice pack, meet the Spinnin’ Sounds - Pop/Dance edition. For this sample pack we have asked multiple musicians to help us create the best high quality sounds, that will take your production to another level. Among those musicians, Dutch Singer/Songwriter Mingue - who is renowned for her dance rhythms, ballads and quirky melodies – made over 25 vocal samples for you. To amp up your track with the signature pop sound, we have also added some amazing trumpets, drums, bass and guitar riffs.

Get the Spinnin' Sounds - Pop/Dance Sample Pack here: https://spinnin.lnk.to/spinninsounds-popdance!YT
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Start your Splice Sounds free trial: https://spinnin.lnk.to/splicesounds!YT

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