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Studio One - Writing Chords, Bass & Melody Over a Drum Loop

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In this lesson, we bring everything we've learned so far about composition (diatonic chords, bassline, melody) together to create a simple beat. After watching this video, be sure to complete the exercise yourself! Please leave any questions or feedback below in the comments section.

This lesson is part of a massive Studio One Music Production Course, available for FREE here on YouTube. You can find the rest of the course at the link below. New videos released every day!

The on-screen keyboard in these videos is NOT part of Studio One. It is an external application called “Chordie” that I am using for visualization purposes.

"Why do I see/hear the word 'Lydian' in these videos?"
This Studio One course was originally created to be a standalone course outside of YouTube, and the name of that course/project was Lydian Learning. The name has now changed but everything else is the same.

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