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► The Best of Anthony Kasper - Liquid Drum & Bass Mix

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Anthony Kasper made his liquid drum & bass label debut just shy of a decade ago and has since become a household name among the Fokuz & Celsius roster. Synonymous for throwing down an acutely unique sound brimming with soul & groove, Kasper's style tends to lean towards potent, snappy drums coupled with unpredictable funky basslines & profoundly catchy instrumentation. Kasper not only has the ability to go toe-to-toe, but also brings out the best when working alongside some of the top names in the business having previously collaborated with the likes of Satl, Malaky, Random Movement, Jaybee & CJ Styles to name a few. Host of the beloved Fokuz Podcast which I'm a huge fan of (link below) the amount of respect I have for this man as an artist and DJ is incredible. Kasper not only represents some of the best this genre has to offer, but also takes the time to share the best with his trademark class & grace, all while maintaining an overall positive and contagiously enthusiastic outlook. A key contributor to the scene over the last 10+ years. From Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, this is a handful of my favorite pieces from the legendary Anthony Kasper.


0:00 Phase 2 - End Of May (Anthony Kasper Remix)
1:49 Kasper & Satl - Mr Funky
6:14 Anthony Kasper - Of The Shadows
9:10 Anthony Kasper - Necessity
12:29 Anthony Kasper Feat. Dj Elsewhere - Count Em Up
14:19 Jaybee & Anthony Kasper - Bottom Line
17:17 Anthony Kasper & Pixel - Alone Again
20:56 Anthony Kasper - Side Effects May Occur
23:31 Anthony Kasper - Suggestions
25:44 Anthony Kasper - Zealous
28:40 CJ Styles & Anthony Kasper - Home From Home
32:21 Anthony Kasper - Every Sunrise
36:02 Anthony Kasper - Over Under
38:25 Anthony Kasper & Random Movement - Bear With Me
41:22 Anthony Kasper - Mayday
43:56 Anthony Kasper - Nepsis
47:37 Anthony Kasper - Vivaldi
51:18 Anthony Kasper - Gatsby
53:52 Anthony Kasper - 10 Letter Word
56:48 Anthony Kasper, Satl & Malaky - Don't Wake Me Up
1:00:07 Anthony Kasper - Too Late
1:03:03 Satl & Anthony Kasper - Sky Turns Black
1:06:22 Anthony Kasper & Soulmotion - Cut Loose
1:08:55 Satl & Anthony Kasper - Who Am I
1:11:09 Satl & Anthony Kasper - We Could Always
1:14:04 Anthony Kasper - North Loop
1:16:39 Anthony Kasper - Revitalize
1:20:20 Anthony Kasper & Satl - In The Sun
1:23:17 Oh Genius - Just Vibe With It (Anthony Kasper Remix)
1:25:30 Anthony Kasper - Zuluu
1:28:04 Anthony Kasper - All We Had
1:30:55 Anthony Kasper - Capricious
1:33:51 Anthony Kasper & Velocity Feat. Becca Jane Grey - Love Me
1:36:26 Anthony Kasper & J:Logic - Recognize
1:40:28 Chris Turner - Liquid Love (Anthony Kasper Remix)
1:43:48 Anthony Kasper - Purple Rained
1:44:31 Anthony Kasper - Something Nice
1:45:15 Anthony Kasper - Brooklyn Standard
1:48:56 Anthony Kasper & Jaybee - Besides The Point
1:52:37 Anthony Kasper - Conceal & Carry
1:55:34 Anthony Kasper - Cathedral Hill



???? https://anthonykasper.com/

???? https://soundcloud.com/anthonykasper

???? https://www.facebook.com/KasperDnB

???? https://twitter.com/kasperdnb


???? https://youtu.be/GI8SQN_j0QE

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