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UNO Rock en Español. (Oye Mi Amor by Mana. Cover)

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These two plus minutes video, condense the pure essence of Rock in Spanish by UNO.

The band, the musicians, the instruments and first of all; our audience. The engine and energy of the existence of our group.

Proudly formed by great musicians from different latitudes, ONE was born in Ottawa, Canada in 2016 and we are pioneers in bringing to the scene the best of music which Latin America grew up with in the 80s and 90s.

UNO is you and you are UNO.

Venue: The Brass Monkey

The musucians:

Andro: Lead Voice, accoustic and electric guitar
Greg Szepietowski: Lead Guitar
Angel Araos: Drums
Sylvio Modolo: Keyboards and Background Vocal
Jade Mongeon: Bass
Izzy Martinez: Bass and Guitar. Bacground Vocal
Juan-Luis Vasquez: Percussion
Ajo Elias: Trumpet
Jasmin Lalande: Sax
James Arif: Trombone

Video Credits:

Shooting, production and edition: Samantha Damm
DAMMIT! FILMS on Youtube

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