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Wake 'N Break No. 1827 - Dirty 16th Groove w/ Anticipated Snare Accent | Andrew McAuley (KindBeats)

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http://www.kindbeats.net I can't even believe it, but today marks five years of wake 'n breaks and that's with zero days off. Thanks to everyone who continues to rock with me! We have a dirty and funky sixteenth note groove with a couple of ghost notes and an anticipated accent on the snare drum. Starting with the hi-hats, we have a steady stream of sixteenth notes on "1e&a 2e&a 3e&a 4e&a" with an open note on the "a" of 4. Looking at the bass drum next, we have notes falling on "1&" and on the "a" of 3. Last but not least, our snare has accented notes on 2 and on the "e" of 4 with two ghost notes dribbled in. As always, I hope you dig it and much love! Let's keep creating!

Notation available at: https://imgur.com/lfb97XL

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