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Zebra Drums London Plane Tree Free Floating drum kit demo by Drumazon, feat. Rocky Morris

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Hey Everyone, in this video we are taking a listen to the Zebra Drums London Plane Tree free floating kit. The video features two drum sets in the same sizes, the early portions of the video filmed with the Natural finish kit were filmed in 2019 prior to Covid in front of a small audience of customers.

The video starts out with the 2019 film of the kit set to music and then a free form performance from Rocky. In the second half of the video filmed in 2020 there is a single hits section showing the sound of the bass drum and each tom and finally another performance with music.

To get all the information on this kit please visit our website here:

Like with all our audio demos there is no limiting to enhance the dynamic response, no digital reverbs are used, the ambience is naturally captured with room mics. We recommend listening through headphones or speakers for the best detail.

We love talking drums so please do like, subscribe and comment. For even more information on this drum and to see so much more - you can visit our website here:

Drums | Rocky Morris
Drum Set 1 | Zebra Drums London Plane Tree, Natural with 14 x 5 Maple Snare
Drum Set 2 | Zebra Drums London Plane Tree, Flaming Red with 14 x 6.5 London Plane Tree snare drum
Cymbals | Paiste
Track 1 - 'Twist' written and performed by Joel Avaient, Jack Butler & Dan Humphries
Track 2 - Written and Performed by Josh Moon
Mix | Dan Humphries

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